Where does your passion for music come from?

Before starting to play the guitar, Loig builds his musical inspiration around the weekly British NME, which he "borrowed" from his brother and his friends. Spending any cent he has for precious vinyles, Loig starts to compose. And here comes the revelation with the song "William, it was really nothing" from the Smiths. This tune literally shakes him up, and Loig, 12, has definitely only one goal in life, music. He composes, writes lyrics, creates bands, performs. Music is his only way out. 

Following a contest, Loig is selected among a great number of candidates to participate in a 10-months master class, with famous French artist William Sheller, whom he barely knows about. In 1992, Loig is 18 and he moves to Lyons where he keeps on composing. During one of his many concerts in the city's bars, Loig meets Hubert Mounier (lead singer of French band l'Affaire Louis Trio or ALT). Loig loves this band and this is were their friendship starts. Hubert will mentor Loig during his career by counseling him, introducing him to musicians, producers, etc... 1996, William Sheller signs a contract with Loig for 3 albums with his very own production company. 

When Loig decides to go on new adventures

10 years after, Loig created his own family and Canada has always had a great appeal. He is looking for new inspiration, so he decides to go for it. He sells everything he owns, his guitars and all, and flies overseas with this family. The goal is to go to somewhere different, looking for that Anglo-saxon sound he loves so much while always staying loyal to the French idiom. Here it is! Vancouver. He loves this little piece of paradise. A city, a life, incredible encounters with amazing people one after the other, friendships, a community.

Loig releases a self-produced album in 2012 "Lonsdale". Since then, he has had the very important support from Radio Canada. 

How was "La Rivière" born?

Loig meets with Maude G. Lacquement in 2015. She is a young singer from Montreal who has been in Vancouver for a few years. Loig simply loves her voice and the poetry emanating from it. They decide to work together on select projects. 

In May 2016, Loig is seriously shaken up by the tragic and sudden death of his friend Hubert Mounier. The one who always supported him and believed in him, was even the official sponsor/godfather of Loig's Music Lab Festival since the first edition in 2015. His disappearance triggers the immediate return of Loig to songwriting. The loss of his friend affects him terribly and composition becomes an essential tool to recover from all the sorrow.

With his new album, "La Rivière", Loig decides to move away from the classic guitar-voice he is used to, and to create instead from a sound texture he loves, samples, keyboard, voice.

This album is about the time that is passing, friends who fade away, deep wounds, sweet nostalgia and love. It alternates between efficient verse-chorus-verse pop songs he knows so well, and more progressive songs. 

Maude is part of the project right from the start and sings on several titles. This promising collaboration enriches Loig's universe and adds new harmonies. 

Who's the team?

This album is also an opportunity for Loig to work again with several great professionals. 

-J.Luc Charreton, his old musician friend and producer. They work together despite the distance, between Vancouver and Gap, France. J.Luc plays the electric guitars and certain basses. 
-Jim Warren (Sound engineer for Arcade Fire, Radiohead, and more), Loig's friend of over 25 years, also brings an important contribution to the finalization of the album, thanks to his friendly and artistic support.
-Jean-Se Le Doujet, excellent bass player from Vancouver, is part of the band.

Any concerts?

This new album is a story of friendships, to which Loig gives a lot of importance. For him, music is not only a need to be heard, but also, and most of all a need to share a common adventure, these life moments, together.

Loig will be back on stage with his new band starting June 2018.