Loig Morin's music seduces non-French speakers such as polyglots. Originally from Brittany, France, he moved to Vancouver 9 years ago where he created his own studio "le Loig’s Music Lab". In 2018 Loig signed a very noticed return with the release of his new album “La Riviere”.

This new album has already seduced the press and public from West to East in Canada.

"La Rivière is an amazing atmospheric album of great beauty ... On the French music side, La Rivière is a big surprise ... [...] a magnificent musical offering." The singer-songwriter is a great fine observer of the world around him, whom he knows how to magnify in his melancholy stories ". - ICI MUSIC - RADIO CANADA/ CBC ALBUM LISTENING TO THE WEEK

"A testament to music's ability to cross all cultures," The perfect mix of light and darkness with a rare aptitude ".


With his new album, “La Riviere", Loig decides to create from a sound texture he likes, samples, keyboards, vocals.

In this album, he is about time passing, friends who fade, intimate wounds, sweet nostalgia and love. The album alternates between pop song and more progressive songs.

This album is also an opportunity for Loig to rework with J.Luc Charreton and Jim Warren (Arcade Fire sound engineer, Radiohead), a friend of Loig for more than 25 years and a major contributor to the finalization of this album, thanks to his friendly and artistic support. The Mastering is made by Chris Potter (Sarah McLachlan, Diana Krall ...)

In concert, he is accompanied by Maude Lacquement, a young Montreal singer. Equipped with his machines and guitars he distills a deep, poetic and percussive sound. 

In 2019 his album will be adapted by the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra.

Loig has been back on stage since June 2018, at the Vancouver Summer Festival, Victoria's, Khatsahlano Festival, Portland, Seattle, VIFF ...​​​​