Loig Morin's music seduces non-French speakers such as polyglots. Originally from Brittany, France, he moved to Vancouver 9 years ago where he created his own studio "le Loig’s Music Lab". In 2018 Loig signed a very noticed return with the release of his new album “La Riviere”.
This new album has already seduced the press and public from West to East in Canada.

"La Rivière is an amazing atmospheric album of great beauty ... On the French music side, La Rivière is a big surprise ... [...] a magnificent musical offering." The singer-songwriter is a great fine observer of the world around him, whom he knows how to magnify in his melancholy stories ". - ICI MUSIC - RADIO CANADA/ CBC ALBUM LISTENING TO THE WEEK

"A testament to music's ability to cross all cultures," The perfect mix of light and darkness with a rare aptitude ".


It was in 1998 that Loig Morin's professional musical career took off. He signed with William Sheller (Famous Pop French artist) a contract for the recording of 3 albums and signed at the same time in his publishing house. At this time Loig played regional concerts and studio recordings until 2006. He will work with Hubert Mounier of the Louis Trio Affair and Jim Warren sound engineer of Radiohead and Arcade Fire.

After a long slump in music, it was in 2010 that Loig decided to leave France for Canada, a country he had always dreamed of. Having sold all his instruments to go to Vancouver it is only with a few pennies in his pocket that he will begin his new life with his family. Upon his arrival, he went on to do some "odd jobs" before becoming a musical speaker in the schools. He is passionate about music again, and from 2012 on, he starts to build his own recording studio Le Loig 's Music Lab. He recorded various local artists, mixed electro music, created a mini music festival, and has since been the musical producer of Vancouver Fashion Week. With his second album recorded and produced in Canada "La Rivière " it will be revealed to a wider audience and different media across the country. In 2012, he was spotted by Chris Potter, also living in Vancouver (Producer, sound engineer and director for Sarah Mc Lachlan, Rufus Wainwright, Nickelback ...) Chris Potter and Loig are currently working on the recording and production of his new album, including Sarah McLachlan's musicians. After the release of "La Rivière" Ken Hsieh, the conductor of the "Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra," offers Loig to adapt his titles in symphonic version. Loig will present us with a preview of his new album in symphonic version in autumn 2019 with the VMO.